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Unlimited Package
  • Unlimited use until 2 months after your wedding
  • Ideal for weddings more than 12 months away
Free trial
12 Months
  • Use for 12 months
  • Save $60.00 compared to our 1 month package
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6 Months
  • Use for 6 months
  • Save $20.00 compared to our 1 month package
Free trial
1 Month
  • Our easy to use monthly payment option
  • Non-recurring, single payment
Free trial
InStyle Weddings
"Luckily, there's a new web-based service that helps you organize the chaos of wedding planning. Wedsimple provides just about every service the bride-to-be needs, and includes a dizzying array of features!"
"WedSimple is great value for money. Of all of your wedding-related expenses, WedSimple will probably give you the most satisfying return for your investment!"
Melanie and Drew
" was an amazingly helpful tool during our wedding planning. I planned our entire wedding myself. I tried to use other planning tools, but nothing else was as easy to use or kept me as or kept me as organized. I highly recommend using this site for any size wedding!"
- Melanie and Drew (More)
Malina and Vili
"We live in the UK, however, we wanted to get married in our mother country, Bulgaria. Thanks to we felt really close to our friends and relatives both in Bulgaria and the UK. Thank you very much!"
- Malina and Vili (More)
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