You get all of these features, and much more!You get all of these features, and much more!
Guest list

At the heart of your account is your guest list. All of your guests are stored securely in your account.

Your guest information includes names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. You can even add a picture to each guest to help you remember the faces of your future spouse’s family! As you add guests, you can specify information, such as whether a guest is part of your wedding party, and even make a note of how many additional guests each guest is allowed to bring with them. Being as thorough as possible when entering your guests will enable you get the most out of allows you to import existing contact information by using a csv file. This means you can export your contacts from Outlook, Excel or any other software package that supports csv export, and then import them into, saving you time and effort.

Our convenient tools then allow you to tidy up your guest information by ensuring name titles are correct, addresses are represented correctly and etiquette guidelines are followed. allows you to export your data for use with other software packages, or for you to print out.

You can have up to four guest lists. Guest lists are useful for budgeting. You could have a main guest list of those who must be invited, and a second guest list detailing additional people to be invited should your budget allow.

Like most of the features in, use of multiple guest lists is optional and you can also have just one guest list if you would like.

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